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HEPA Filter, Sieve, Microfilter for Philips Vacuum Cleaners - 432200039090

HEPA Filter, Sieve, Microfilter for Philips Vacuum Cleaners - 432200039090
HEPA Filter, Sieve, Microfilter for Philips Vacuum Cleaners - 432200039090 HEPA Filter, Sieve, Microfilter for Philips Vacuum Cleaners - 432200039090 HEPA Filter, Sieve, Microfilter for Philips Vacuum Cleaners - 432200039090 HEPA Filter, Sieve, Microfilter for Philips Vacuum Cleaners - 432200039090
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EAN: 8757521590986
Origin of the product: Quality-proven ALTERNATIVE PART
Volumetric Weight: 1 kg
Codes: 432200039090 883804401010 883804401810, 140 x 88 x 25MM

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