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Drawer for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00743269

Drawer for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00743269 BSH - Bosch / Siemens
Drawer for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00743269 BSH - Bosch / Siemens Drawer for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00743269 BSH - Bosch / Siemens
Manufacturer:BSH - Bosch / Siemens
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excl. VAT : 27,03 £
VAT:20 %
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Quantity in stock:1 pc
EAN: 8757521666780
Product Origin: GENUINE PART in the original packaging of the Brand
Volumetric Weight: 5 kg
Codes: 00743269, GENUINE BSH

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