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Temperature Sensor, NTC, Thermistor, Thermostat for Candy Washing Machines - Part. nr. Candy 49005297

Temperature Sensor, NTC, Thermistor, Thermostat for Candy Washing Machines - Part. nr. Candy 49005297 Candy / Hoover
Temperature Sensor, NTC, Thermistor, Thermostat for Candy Washing Machines - Part. nr. Candy 49005297 Candy / Hoover Temperature Sensor, NTC, Thermistor, Thermostat for Candy Washing Machines - Part. nr. Candy 49005297 Candy / Hoover
Manufacturer:Candy / Hoover
Price incl. VAT £ : 8,40 £
excl. VAT : 7,00 £
VAT:20 %
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Quantity in stock:2 pc
EAN: 8757521594922
Origin of the product: Quality-proven ALTERNATIVE PART
Volumetric Weight: 0.5 kg
Codes: 49005297, 92743616, 91201325

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