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Lower Heater for SMEG Ovens - 806890580

Lower Heater for SMEG Ovens - 806890580
Price incl. VAT £ : 26,68 £
Price excl. VAT £ : 22,23 £
VAT:20 %
Quantity in stock:20 pc
Part Nr.: 806890580, 230V, 1050 + 700 W

Technical parameters:

width: 520 mm
length: 350 mm

Used in: 

A1-2 A1-2SE A1-5 A1-6 A1-7 A1.1 A1.1K A1 A11A-5 A11A-6 A11CER-5 A11CER-6 A11CER A11X-5 A11X-6 A11X-7 A11X A11XLP A1A-2 A1A-5 A1A-6 A1A.1 A1A A1AD-2 A1AD-5 A1AD.1 A1AD A1AU6 A1B.1 A1B A1BL-6 A1BL-7 A1C-2 A1C-5 A1C-6 A1C-7 A1C.1 A1C A1CA-2 A1CA-5 A1CA-6 A1CA.1 A1CA A1CER A1CXU6 A1D-2 A1D-2SE A1D-5 A1D-6 A1D-7 A1D.1 A1D A1DA-6 A1DA-7 A1DB-6 A1DN-6 A1DN-7 A1DNA-5 A1DNA-6 A1DNA-7 A1DRW-6 A1DSE-5 A1G.1 A1G A1K-5 A1K-6 A1NU6 A1P-2 A1P-5 A1P-6 A1P-9 A1P.1 A1PU6 A1PYID-6 A1PYID-7 A1RW-6 A1RWU6 A1SE-5 A1SE-6 A1VA-2 A1VA.1 A1VA A1VAD A1VG-2 A1VG.1 A1VG A1VGD A1WH-6 A1XCU6 A1XU6 A3-2 A3-5 A3-6 A3-7 A3 A31X-5 A31X-6 A31X-7 A3A-2 A3A-5 A3A A3AD-5 A3D-5 A3D-6 A3D-7 A3D A3DA-6 A3SX A3XU6 A5-5 A5-6 A5-8 A5D-5 A5D-6 AP9X B9481N3 B988E CC9GAS CC9GAX CC9GPO CC9GPX CC9GPXD CD856MFX CE856MFA CE856MFX CS120-5 CS120-6 CS120-7 CS120 CS120A-5 CS120A-6 CS120BE-5 CS120NL-5 CS120NL-6 CS120NL-7 CS120NL CS120NLA5 CS120NLA6 CS150-5 CS150-6 CS150-8 CS150NL-5 CS150NL-6 CS150NL-8 CS150SA CS18A-2 CS18A-5 CS18A-6 CS18A-7 CS18A CS18A/1 CS18A/1DR CS18ABE-5 CS18NLA-5 CS18NLA-6 CS18NLA-7 CS18NLA1 CS18NLA2 CS18NLV-5 CS18NLV-6 CS18V-2 CS18V-5 CS18V-6 CS18V CS18V/1 CS18V/1DR CS19-2 CS19-2ES CS19-5 CS19-6 CS19-7 CS19 CS19/1 CS19A-2 CS19A-5 CS19A-6 CS19A-7 CS19A CS19A/1 CS19B-6 CS19B CS19B/1 CS19BE-5 CS19BE CS19ES-5 CS19ID-5 CS19ID-6 CS19ID-7 CS19IDA-6 CS19IDA-7 CS19N-6 CS19N-7 CS19NL-5 CS19NL-6 CS19NL-7 CS19NL CS19NL1 CS19NL2 CS19NLA-5 CS19NLA-6 CS19NLA-7 CS19NLA CS19NLA1 CS19NLA2 CS19NLB-6 CS19NLN-6 CS19NLN-7 CS19NLP-5 CS19NLRW6 CS19NLSE CS19NLSE5 CS19NLVA CS19P-2 CS19P-5 CS19P-6 CS19P-9 CS19P/1 CS19RW-6 CS19RW-7 CS19V CS19V/1 CSA150X-6 CSA150X-8 CSA19 CSA196 CSA196A CSA196XLP CSA19A CSA19B CSA19ID-6 CSA19XLP CSP19-6 CSP19-7 EB900.1 HB933R500 HB933R51 HB933R52 HBX33R51 HBX33R52 JTS25GIYW KBE960E LW71105SS LW91105GF LW91105SS S20XMF-5 S20XMF-7 S20XMF-8 S20XMF.1 S20XMFR.1 S709X-5 S709X-7 S86XMFV S86XMFV/A S890-5 S890-7 S890 S890AMFR S890AMFR5 S890AMFR7 S890AMFR8 S890AMFRO S890AMRO8 S890AMRO9 S890BMFR7 S890MF-5 S890MF-7 S890MF-8 S890MFA-5 S890MFA S890MFEB5 S890MFP S890MFR S890PMFR S890PMFR5 S890PMFR7 S890PMFR8 S890PMFR9 S890PMFRO S890PMRO8 S890PMRO9 S970-5 S970EB-5 S990XRAL S990XRAL1 S990XRK S995XRAL S995XRAL5 S995XRD5 S995XRK-5 S995XRK S995XTSA SA20XMF SA20XMFR SA20XMFR8 SA22XMF-5 SA22XMF-7 SA22XMF SA704X SA705X-7 SA705X SA706EB.1 SA706X-5 SA706X.1 SA707X-7 SA707X SA708X-5 SA708X-6 SA708X-7 SA708X SA710X-5 SA710X-7 SA890WR-5 SA990XR-8 SA995XR-5 SA995XR-7 SA995XR SA996XR-7 SA999X SAP3900X SBA1 SC709X-2 SC709X SC709X1 SC709XK SC709XSA SC709XU SC712U SC770U SCA705X SCA706X SCA708X SCA709X SCA710X SCA712-2 SCA712-3 SCA712N SE20XMFR SE20XMFR1 SE20XMFR5 SE20XMFR7 SE20XMFR8 SE700EB SE700NE SE700X SE706EB SE706NE SE706X SE708EB SE708EBK SE708NE SE708NEK SE708X SE708XK-5 SE708XK SE709XK-5 SE709XK7 SE985X-5 SE985X-7 SE985X-8 SE985X SE990XR SE995XR-5 SE995XR-7 SE995XR-8 SE995XR SE995XT-5 SE995XT-7 SE996XRK SE996XRK7 SNZ708X SUK80MFA SUK80MFX TBF9060 UK80MFA UK80MFA1 UK80MFX UK80MFX1 W1 WE970 WE980X WE985X-5 WE990XR WE995XR-5 WI700EB WI700NE WI700X WI706EB WI706NE WI706X WI708X XXA1C-5UL XXS20XMF-8 XXSE20XMFR8

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