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Door Lock, Interlock for Beko Washing Machine - 2805310400

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Door Lock, Interlock for Beko Washing Machine - 2805310400 Arcelik - Beko, Blomberg
Door Lock, Interlock for Beko Washing Machine - 2805310400 Arcelik - Beko, Blomberg Door Lock, Interlock for Beko Washing Machine - 2805310400 Arcelik - Beko, Blomberg
Manufacturer:Arcelik - Beko, Blomberg
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Part Nr.: 2805310400 - Washing Machine Door Interlock Beko , Acelik

Door safety interlock or door safety lock to fit Beko washing machine models but can also be used on other makes and models such as Blomberg

Beko Washing Machine

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ISE Washing Machine


   Washing Machine Door Locks

The door lock on your washing machine is, in the trade, more commonly referred to and known as a door interlock. Of course many people refer to them as a safety lock or safety interlock as unless this lock is closed detecting the door catch or latch is properly engaged the washing machine or washer dryer will not start. If it did then it would be possible to start the machine with the door open and that could be very dangerous for obvious reasons.

The door lock is also very usually the first component that is tested by any electronic controller so it common to find that many F1, E1, Error 1 and so on fault codes relate to the door not closed or a faulty door lock.

Ordinarily the door lock in your washing machine or washer dryer will also have a time delay before it will allow the washing machine door to be opened. It's actually not normally that complex being controlled by a simple bi-metalic strip that, as it cools off releases the door lock allowing the door to be opened.


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