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E-vent Matic EWM 15 Fan with Automatic Blind - 5085

E-vent Matic EWM 15 Fan with Automatic Blind - 5085
E-vent Matic EWM 15 Fan with Automatic Blind - 5085 E-vent Matic EWM 15 Fan with Automatic Blind - 5085
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EAN: 8757521677762
Product Origin: Quality-proven ALTERNATIVE PART
Volumetric Weight: 0.5 kg
Codes: diameter 150MM, supply voltage 230V/50HZ, input 30W, volume flow 320M3/H, acoustic pressure 45DB(A)/1M, revs 2800/MIN -1, current 0,19A, max. temperature 50°C, product protection IP X4, weight 1,2KG


Home axial fan E-vent Matic with electrically controlled automatic blinds, suitable for wall and ceiling mounting. It is made of high-quality easy-to-clean, antistatic white plastic - ABS material. The protection of the product is IPX4. The automatic blind prevents the infiltration of odors and noise from the adjacent interior or cold air from the exterior. The E-vent Matic fan is designed for the transportation of clean air with a maximum temperature of 50°C.

All types have an extended warranty of 36 months!

Supplied in diameters: 150MM.


Single-phase asynchronous motor has plain bearings with a constant grease filling for the entire lifetime.


The fan is ideal for short air ducts or for wall ventilation. Use for ventilation of toilets, bathrooms, kitchens or cellars, as well as common interiors. The automatic blind opens when the fan is switched on and closes automatically when the fan is switched off. When using a fan with an automatic blind it is not necessary to use a non-return valve or an external gravity blind grille.


The fan is equipped with a mounting ring for easy installation. The fan can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling.